About Reliance Telecom

Reliance Telecom is your local communications company, 100% Australian owned, who you can rely on completely. As a Reliance Telecom customer you will enjoy the security of knowing our services are sourced from Telstra and Optus, on the largest and most reliable networks, giving us Australia wide coverage, and the latest technology, coupled with the support that only Tier 1 infrastructure wholesalers can provide. We would not compromise on quality and this is how we provide services to you.

Reliance Telecom provides competitive services whilst maintaining a close, personal contact with business and residential customers. We have a team of experts who are passionately committed to providing outstanding customer service and your phone calls will be answered by our staff not by Voice Recognition System. At Reliance Telecom we sincerely care about serving our customers.

Reliance Telecom offers extremely competitive call rates for residential and business customers with landline and mobile plans that are easy to understand and designed to make sure you spend less money with your current call trends. We bring personal account management within the reach of businesses often ignored by the major providers. Our low overheads and well negotiated wholesale rates ensure that our customers enjoy very competitive pricing.

We at Reliance Telecom understand the meaning of .being proactive. therefore, reviews your call rates on a regular basis ensuring competitive call rate throughout. We don.t wait for the contract to finish. It is our experience, expertise, simplicity, competitive call rates, excellent customer service and honest advice that sets us apart.

Simplified Billing (Single Bill) . All your voice and mobile services are provided on a simple, easy to understand, single bill available 24 x7 online. Yes, online billing at your fingertips and at no additional cost. Reliance Telecom online billing assists your business with the ability to manage calls, statistical information, graphical charts and historical data. We like to keep things simple for our users.

Our Senior Managements have combined experience of over 30 years in the Telecommunications Industry and Project Management of IT&T Services. Our Staff are highly qualified and committed in providing an exceptional customer service in all areas of business. We provide businesses with the personalised telecommunication services they need and support, at competitive price. So you can concentrate all your efforts on what you do best, i.e. running your business.

The pure reason Reliance Telecom was structured because the owner saw an absolute need to help all business types including residents who were very small entities for giant Telecomm companies therefore were unable to acquire better deals and dedicated account management with peronalised customer service.