Inbound Phone Services - 13/1300 - 1800

Inbound Services provide your customers with a convenient and cost effective way to communicate with your business. Customers' calls from fixed line phones are either toll free, using 1800 numbers or charged at local rates through the use of 13 or 1300 services, which encourages them to stay in touch and improves your levels of customer service.

Choose from one or more of the Inbound Service options to provide a solution that best suits your organisation. In addition, Inbound Number Portability is now available in Australia, that enables you to choose your preferred provider for Local rate 13/1300 or Free phone 1800 services and retain your existing inbound number.

Reliance 13

Reliance 13 provides a short, easy to remember 6 digit number for customers to call your business for the cost of a local call. The short number makes Reliance 13 an ideal service to use as the main contact number for your customers. Our intelligent call routing technology ensures every call is directed to the appropriate destination, every time. Calls are automatically routed to answering centres based on criteria that you specify, such as the time of day, day of the week, or public holidays and similar events. This streamlines your call management and ensures your resources are effectively utilised.

Reliance 1300

Reliance 1300 is a 10 digit inbound service that can be called from any fixed line service in Australia for the cost of a local call. Reliance Inbound Intelligent Network features can also be added to Reliance 1300, providing the same high levels of call management, at a lower cost.

Reliance 1800

Reliance 1800 allows your customers to contact you from any fixed line service anywhere in Australia for free. Now you can also add Reliance Inbound Intelligent Network features to help you provide the degree of control and information that you need to manage your customer calls.

The key benefits of 13/1300 /1800 Services are:

  • It encourages prospects and customers to contact your business directly.
  • The intelligent routing feature within the service helps to improve productivity and responsiveness of your staff and your business.
  • It allows you to increase your market reach and save on marketing costs.

Contact Reliance Telecom sales team to find out more about Inbound Services.