Reliance Telecom is looking for individuals and businesses around Australia to partner with and promote landline and mobile services to their client base with an excellent customer service. Reliance Telecom realise that over the last few years the telecoms market has become even-more competitive and price sensitive. Being a Reliance Telecom Partner will enable you to differentiate yourselves from your competition and will win you more deals.

By having a clear market focus on targeting customers through the partner, Reliance Telecom has developed a service portfolio and a quality of service that makes it very easy and transparent to do business with.

Reliance Telecom Partner Programme is geared towards supporting and rewarding partners who are committed to delivering voice and mobile services on Telstra and Optus network with the highest levels of customer service to both the consumer and business.

As a Reliance Telecom partner, we will work with you to sign customers directly to Reliance Telecom, with Reliance Telecom managing all aspects of the customer relationship. Your business benefits by not having to manage a customer with a service that may not be core to your portfolio, whilst retaining an ability to earn an ongoing income in the form of a share of the revenue generated by the customer.

Reliance Telecom works with a number of Partners, and is therefore experienced at working withpartners in a way that suitstheir business. Reliance Telecom will work in a way the does not conflict with other products and services that you offer your clients directly, and commits to maintaining high-quality, competitively priced solutions to your customers.

We look forpartners who are committed to agreeing and delivering business plans that generate significant revenues to both parties, and so it is important that resource is committed on both sides to developing a successful working partnership.

Click Here for a downloadable PDF file of the Standard Reliance Telecom Non-Disclosure Agreement which needs to be signed prior to us considering you as a Reliance Telecom Partner.

Simply fill in the Partner application form below and one of our Reliance Telecom Partner representatives will be in contact with you within 48 hours.

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